DSC04869I’m here to try to make a difference in the world.

It starts with my poetry. Some would say poetry is out of style, out dated and such. However, poetry is something that can reach anyone, on so many levels it’s so much more than a novel or short story. With a few words, a poem can offer comfort and understanding. It can provoke, intrigue and open up a new world. Poetry in many ways saved my life. As a young girl trying to find herself in this world, my childhood was somewhat unstable and somewhat traumatic and my way out was poetry. I would grab a pen and paper and just write. I always had a journal and that kept me apart, separate from the life I was in and didn’t understand.

Second but in no way less of a passion is my novels. Novels take time at least for me they do. I have to forget who I am, and where I am and see the characters and feel their emotions. This is hard to do when you are a mother, wife and have to pay the bills. I’ve decided there are no more excuses for me and I will finish one this year. Story lines come from inspiration, pure imagination and a little of my own personal life. If I could stay at home and just write all day it think I would be the happiest person on earth.

Last but not least is my love of cooking. It always surprises me when people say, ” I don’t cook,” I think really? What do you eat? I love to cook! It is an artistic form of expression and you get to eat it!  When I was twelve my mother had open heart surgery and through out most of my childhood she was frequently sick this forged my path in the kitchen.  I will never forget cooking my first meal. It wasn’t like now, where I can just go and pick up some cut up chicken breast for dinner. I had to cut up a whole chicken, wash and spice it. I cooked a great meal, but I didn’t eat that night because I was so grossed out from cutting up the whole chicken. It was the one and only time that ever happened. From then on it didn’t bother me and as I grew into a woman and had a family of my own, cooking dinner for my children was an every day thing. I got more inventive as time passed by and I’ve created some recipes of my own and changed a bit of my moms. Cooking can be fun and very creative.

I will be sharing my poems, novels and recipes. I hope to do videos on cooking and even read some poems to you!

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