Roy G. Biv (Daily Prompt)


A world without color? How sad would that be…..

Rainbows turned gray

Blue sky fades away

The orange sunset, is all but a dream

Red apples and red sleds were happy moments

Interrupted by red blood and war

Yellow daisies look up at the sun

My mood has changed from a bright violet to a dark indigo

I’m moving and hiding

Walking and pushing

Something tells me I’ll reach the other side.

I’ll see the bright colors and the sameness of gray will fade away

I’ll sit by the fire and make new friends and life will return again.


I’m desperately trying to do the “Daily Prompt,” every day and it seems I’ve fallen behind.  However, maybe things do happen for a reason; when I first read the prompt “Roy G. Biv,” nothing came to mind. Now I don’t mean to say that writing is easy or that I’m particularly talented, but I can usually write a poem at the drop of a hat. Roy G. Biv, I just sat there staring at the blinking cursor and then my time was up and I had to go pick up my daughter from school. Between the seven or eight days since then part of my daughter’s homework is to read this book entitled “The Giver,” by Lois Lowry.  We read two chapters every night and then we discuss the profound questions this book provokes. In this book this society has no color, no rainbows, no sunsets, no blue sky and this was unbelievable to my daughter. How could you live without color? She’s an artist so this was especially troublesome to her. When I came back to write about Roy G. Biv this poem came from within. It’s from the main character’s point of view named Jonas. I dedicate this poem to my daughter Emma.


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