I am strong

I am strong

I am strong

I am strong, don’t mistake the swing of my hips

And my pink lips for something weak and submissive

I am wise, for I know who I am and no one can take that away from me

Do you think of me less, because I have breasts?

Or do you show respect when I walk by?

I am strong. Do you know why?

Because I know my body is capable of many great things

Because I can juggle so many things

No…nothing falls, because I have a great eye

I am strong

Don’t mistake my high heels, delicate fingers

And sexy back side; for something other than strength, power

In my body lies within intelligence, compassion and love

I can give life, be nurturing and kind

I can also run companies, build buildings, and design master plans

I can take your breath away with a wink of an eye and the strength of my hip

Leave you yearning for more

You know you love me, because I’m not like anything you’ve ever seen

I am strong, not weak

I am worth more than the world sees

I am valuable, a hero unto myself

I am stronger now, yesterday and tomorrow

I am strength, I am woman



(This is a poem I wrote years ago) As I promised a poem a day.


One thought on “I am strong

  1. Woman are the balance of life. They teach love and kindness to the children. They are mothers, sisters, grandmothers and wives. A beautiful and powerful poem for the woman who are the strength and hope in a family and society.

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