Daily Prompt Simply the Best-

Where and when do I do my best thinking?

     I would say between 10am and 3pm. Yes, I’m that specific and that is because my morning is usually busy getting my daughter to school. Mom’s have to use their time wisely. There are times when I get home from work after 11:00pm I’ll stay up late and write. Of course when school starts I may regret it in the morning. However, the lack of sleep is worth the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I’m one step closer to my dreams and of course, doing something that I love.

      I will also get up early if the story is calling to me. For many years I would stay up late, I’d put the kids to bed and stay up writing, this was my time to myself. Now, I’m older and it’s harder to stay up late and get up early! Sometimes inspiration comes out of the blue. People, in general inspire me, the way we communicate to each other. My friends, co-workers, family, stories I hear will inspire a thought, a character or storyline. At that moment I have something to raise, to mold and shape into art. Those are the moments I hold onto, the moments that make me who I am.



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