Daily Prompt/ Truth or Dare?

The question at hand. Is it possible to be too honest? Or is honesty the best policy?

   Some would say without question or doubt that honesty is the best policy. It’s what the world would expect you to say or answer; and I would tend to agree in most cases. However, when someone asks you the proverbial question, “How are you?” do you always answer honestly? And does that person asking you the question really want an honest answer? Speaking for myself, many times I’m having a bad day and someone asks me how I’m doing and I nonchalantly answer, “I’m fine.” Do I want to bore this person with the details of my day? How honest do we want everyone to be? When you ask your husband, “How do I look?” Do you really want him to say, “You look tired,” or do you just want him to say “You look beautiful baby.”

   Now there is “honesty is the best policy,” when it counts. When there is a moral question at hand or a friend in trouble, taking the higher ground. Yes, honesty is the best policy. If things at work need changing, do you stand up and say so? Do you feel you will be heard? When your boss asks you, “How are things going here at work?” Do you answer honestly? Sometimes that’s the difference between getting promoted and getting fired. Do you want to make waves or just clock in and clock out?

   Is that policy always the way to go? Has anyone ever hurt  your feelings because they were too honest? My mother in law is very honest. She said to me one year, I don’t like your hair cut, it’s too short. I usually have long hair and one year I cut it very short. She came to visit and she looked at me and it just came out. Now, you have to understand she is a wonderful, kind and giving woman. But she’s honest, honest to a fault sometimes. I haven’t had my hair cut so short since then. The last time I saw her, my hair was very long and she stroked my long hair and hugged me. This isn’t to say that I won’t cut my hair. But at least I know how she feels.

  Here’s another example, when one of my daughters was a toddler she used to embarrass my husband all the time by being too honest. He would take her to the grocery store and if the lady at the counter was pretty she would say so or if she had too much makeup on, she would say so. It would put my husband in embarrassing situations and he would immediately look for the exit sign.

  I’m sure most would agree honesty is the best policy, when done with tact and grace. Spare people’s feelings or don’t…. just be prepared for the consequences. Think of the movie “Liar Liar” what if you couldn’t lie, not even little white ones. What would your day be like? Maybe it’s not “Truth or Dare” maybe it’s “Truth or Truth”

Just some food for thought….

To all the other writers out there. I am really liking this Zero to Hero challenge and the Daily prompt.


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