Little Girl-

Little Girl

You’re growing up too fast

Slow down

Take it easy

Little Girl

Give me a kiss on my cheek

I love you so

Daddy’s girl

You’re mine too

Little Girl



Skip all the way

Throw the ball

Let’s play

Pretend you’re a fairy

I’ll catch you every time

Little Girl

Time fly’s by

And I have to cherish

Every minute

Cause’ you’re mine

I’m so lucky to have you

To know you

I watch you and all that you are

Your character

Your laugh

Your smile

Your curiosity

Precocious beauty

Your mind takes on the world by the minute

I’m amazed by you

Running with innocence

Turn around and smile

My heart skips a beat

As I watch you go

Backpack in hand

Standing straight

Ready to face the day

Meeting friends

As you skip away

Little Girl

I’ll remember you

As you grow and change

With time you will discover

All the things you were meant to do

Paint me a picture

I’ll treasure it so

Little Girl

Don’t grow up so fast

I just want to hold you

As you pull away to play

You turn to me and smile

I’ll love you forever to eternity and more

Little Girl




Live with a full heart

I’ll be here for you

To love you

Catch you

Hold you

Laugh with you

Play with you

And take hold of the privilege it is, to raise you

To be part of you

Little Girl

Words can’t describe

What you mean to me

You’re a shining star

The reason my heart beats

Little Girl

I’ll love you for all eternity and more

-Janie (For Emma)


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