Taken in by you

I’m home

The only real home

I’ve known

It’s the only place I want to go

I’m taken by your beauty

Lost in your embrace


Loved, even with all my faults

Your tranquil ways

Calm my rough edges

No one else can help me

I’m too much to take

Nothing else matters

It’s all give and take

I’m taken in by your strength

Lost in our love

Pressed to be my best

Even when I think I can’t make it one more step

You look at me

I know you’re wondering

How this creature came into your life

I smile cause I know

there’s no one else who could stand here

No one else could take your place

I’m taken in by your innocence

Lost in your simplicity

I’m learning to take it easy

It’s hard, cause I want to take on the world

I’m changing


Still searching



My rhythm is slower

Not too far behind is thunder

I’m taken in by you

Lost in my own struggle

Letting go

Holding on

Take my hand

Nothing else matters

I’m taken in by you




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